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Moving time!

Hello all :)

I'm sure you're all wondering who the crap this is spamming up your flist since I haven't posted any new graphics in far too long. In any instance, I just wanted to let you know that I (aka jennijube) have joined forces with the incredibly talented cardcaptur @ sealedcards

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I hope all of you will join me and Jay Jay over there! Affiliates, I would really appreciate it if you changed the link from bruisedrainbows to sealedcards and I will do my best in adding everyone in my own separate affiliates post; I will post the link as soon as I've made it.

I'll be keeping all the old graphics here (much too lazy), but I hope to see you all there! ♥.
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Request time!!

Alright, so my hiatus is officially over tomorrow, as my last exam is tomorrow, but I have just reached 55 friends, and I figured I'd get a head start on requests.

Requests are for those who have FRIENDED THIS JOURNAL, (unless you're really nice and I know you :p) This is a thank you of sorts for those who have taken the time to friend me :) (Feel free to do it if you haven't already though ;))

I have only TWO requirements for requests: PLEASE include a link to specific pictures. Do not just say "Books" or "Jennifer Garner" because I will merely tell you to link me to a picture; and no wallpapers.

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PS. I have no guarantee as to when I'll finish these, but I do guarantee they will be finished.
PPS. eternalphoenix_, I can make you that Anne Hathaway wallpaper still if you'd like it ;)
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I just wanted to let all of you lovelies who have friended me that I will be going on a


until my exams are over for school, at which time I will be putting up a request post to celebrate my 50+ friends :). So until then, collect pictures you want iconized and I'll be back around the middle of August.

Thanks for your support!

Jen ♥

PS. -> TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK OF MY ICONS <- click it, yo.
PPS. new affiliate, icon_star. Go and check out her beautiful creations :)
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-> TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK OF MY ICONS <- click it, yo.

The good, the bad, the beautiful. Let me have it. Post anonymously either way :) Thanks! ♥

Also, I may be doing a request post soon. Once my papers are done (sometime this week). I was going to wait until I made it to 50 friends, but 45 works and I need some motivation, so look out for a request post soon :)

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18 Fan Stock Icons

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[o18] Stock Fan Icons


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automatic table generator found here by 77words

¦why credit bruisedrainbows or jennijube in icon comments? So people can find these icons without having to ask you where you found them
¦why comment? So I know what you like and don’t like.

¦ Friend ¦ Enjoy ¦ Hotlink or Alter ¦

ps. check out dreamsquare, one of my favorite iconists out there :)
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